About us

AnnaOlivia is a collaboration of two friends, Jukka and Santosh, who over many years have shared a common passion towards design inspired by the abundant nature in Finland. The company is based in the Kainuu region of Finland.  The company's commitment to small business investment in Kainuu is supported by Oulujärvi leader and Ely Center-Kainuu

Oula Jukka Laukkanen - Co-Founder

Laukkanen is an illustrator and graphic designer. Over the years Jukka has created paintings, graphic arts, cartoons, books and magazine illustrations, corporate graphics and various concepts.

He is a member of the State Multi-Arts Committee and a member of the Art Committee of North Ostrobothnia and Kainuu.

Santosh Gupta - Co-Founder

Santosh oversees operations.  He has several years of experience working for global corporations

AnnaOlivia's products are sold under the brand Peppispappa, by Jukka Laukkanen